2021 video tutorial on blog making with sparkle?

Ive built a website for our association, it looks good enough for now . The editor of our pdf newsletter wants a blog included on our site …I cant see that its an easy task from reading the comments in Sparkle forum and it sounds like a spam magnet to me … I read the notes about the drop in blog but its too complicated . I dont see that anyone has had great success with a blog on sparkle and making a tutorial video …any clues Duncan please ? …We also need access for my editor to access it ,without entering into any formatting of the present site …is that possible ? Thanks

Hi @Farknl, the blog doesn’t allow for comments, so no spam. There’s no tutorial yet, but frankly I’m not even sure what the questions would be. You create a blog post from the specific blog menu, instead of the regular add page options. After that it’s just like putting content in regular pages. There are some differences and customization options, but not all that much.

Hi! I procrastinated making a Sparkle blog for a wee while as (for me) it wasn’t that intuitive until I watched Duncan demonstrate it here: https://youtu.be/Bae8lkqNp7s. It’s actually a really simple process and far more fun and easily customisable as compared to WP.

To make things easier, I duplicate the posts which also duplicates the index/RSS summary and use those as a template.

There’s no spam as posts do not include comments. I will be installing a third party comment script however over the coming week.

@swedutch has a lovely template you can use too that’s she has kindly shared on this forum.

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