3.0 - Image Mouse Hover

UGH, Sparkle 3 and still no button mouse over image swap…Maybe 3.1?


This falls under the “didn’t make the cut for 3.0” features. But we don’t commit to specific release timeframes/dates/releases.

C’mon, it’s a classic staple of website nav. Clients love those mouse over image swaps. Let’s get it done. Thanks


I guess that depends on what your clients like!

Nice to have the feature, but given that most websites these days are viewed on touch-screen devices, hover features are becoming more and more redundant.

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Well, hover has come to ipad as well :slight_smile:

I understood that to be like a double-tap interaction where the first tap may reveal the hover effect and a second one will activate the link. That’s how it works on my iPad, but even then, it often goes to a link directly - only briefly displaying the hover effect - maybe that’s just poor web design! Certainly, I haven’t seen a touch-screen device that can actually detect a hovering finger over an interactive element - unless I’ve missed something.

Sorry I should have been more specific. You need to go into Apple’s idea of an iPad-is-a-pro-computer mode of operation, but if you hook up any trackpad, or even Apple’s keyboard+stand+trackpad contraption, you get a real mouse cursor with full hover support, works just like desktop safari.

On iPadOS the hover effect is most evident when using a trackpad, mouse, and/or Apple Pencil. Hover does work with a finger on iPadOS and iOS if the app developer has it activated. A developer can set timing to differentiate between hover and long press.

Better yet, in Sparkle 3 use the new popup (for buttons) feature for more informative, richer, more useful hover actions.

Right when using a button to activate a popup, both click and hover can be used at the same time (or differentiated for weird people who want that :slight_smile: ).

Ah! now I understand. Yes, My iPad has a pen thingy that does much the same thing. Shame there isn’t a similar facility on smartphones - or maybe there is!!!

Us weird people have more fun :grin:

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As a graphic designer, I like to customize icons, logos and buttons. Hover effect is already built into sparkle, so adding the option to image swap allows us visual designers to showcase and customize what we do best. Incorporating unique hover, swipe and key nav enriches the experience for the complete range of viewership.

Agreed. Image swap also is a bit boring. We do have grandiose plans for this, only need time to get there.


I get ask for Image roll over by plenty of clients but then again I build website from scratch, no templates required. Every client as a unique site that suits their branding and expectations. Funny how the one size fits all web industry mainly led by programmers not designers dictates how things are. Well I’ve got bad news for the programmers a growing numbers of people are sick and tired of the same old boring template and want fresh and unique website designs.