3 painful points

Sparkle for our working comfort (ergonomics) and our productivity logic:

  1. It is long to choose a color. The software keeps reverting to its default palette and it takes a long time to click several times to see the Apple palette appear.
  2. It does not memorize the places previously visited. Ie if 10 times I have to choose an SVG on an external hard drive. 10 times I have to give the path to access it.
  3. When we make a button on a 1200px device format with 16px text, and we go to the 320px device, Sparkle reduces the size of the button to 4px? Why ? And how to either paste the site of the 1200 or initialize
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@DesignDealer, Could i suggest you have a read of the Sparkle documentation which will answer a lot of your questions - What Is Sparkle | Sparkle Documentation


ALREADY READ SEVERAL TIMES. I must be conditioned by the Adobe approach (20 years of practice). There are some things that I don’t understand :slight_smile:

Ah that would do it…

Give yourself a bit of time and it will fall into place. Have you watched Duncan’s videos on their YouTube account. They give more a real time visual-take on the documentation.

  1. sorry I don’t understand this, reverting to its default palette in what way? Could you clarify? Sparkle certainly revolves around the built-in palette rather than the system picker.
  2. this is not my experience at all. Is this within the same session (i.e. without restarting Sparkle)? Across sessions? 10 times even if from the same image element? There must be something funky…
  3. Sparkle resizes text and styles for the only reason that it needs to make it fit on 320, since elements have no semantic relationship it can’t make text larger because that would mean deciding in which direction the text box is larger, and as a consequences where other elements in proximity with the text box should move. You are expected to resize the text, but a proper use of text styles can minimize how much you need to do that, a style can be saved/applied with one size on 1200 and another on 320, so once you do that once the text will always be the text you saved it to, even though the text box needs to be resized and content still needs to be reflowed.
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I answer step by step :slight_smile:
Question 1: I understand better why I had to keep choosing my favorites from the System palette. Because I did not store in the Sparkle palette. So OK Got it.

Question 2: Ok, it’s working, I don’t know what happened the other day? So much the better.

Question 3: What I wanted to say is that I understand the idea of the device and the size changes well, but:
If I make a button on a 1200px device, with 12px text
Why resize the button to 4 px?
From experience, the size of the buttons is ideally the same whether on a smartphone or a desktop.
A 4px text is unreadable, so we must reset it to 12px. So you might as well not modify it?

Because it wouldn’t fit.