320px nav problem

And things were going so well. Designed a nice front page, horizontal nav, great picture. Named all my pages, then added device. Most of my problems have to do with the nav bar. Here are the issues.

  • I have grouped a long box, and added a nav bar on top in the 960, then grouped and stuck to the top. But in the 320 I’ve got the long box following along below a vertical nav bar.
  • if I make a change to the 320 nav bar, and tick this device only, there’s still changes to the 960.
  • As well in the vertical nav bar set up I get pages that are greyed out in the arrange window.
  • I do understand Duncan’s analogy to a large to small window In the documentation but I definitely need a primer.
  • I think I’ll take everything out of the 320 and continue with the 960 and let things populate as they may. I’ll just replace elements in the 960.

I might suggest in a different variant in the arrange window if ‘this device only is left unchecked’ it would reflect with a wire frame or some sort of indication that it would not be seen in that variant.
Thanks all,

@Woodrow, This topic has been covered a lot here so a search in the forum will get you all the answers on it, but lets see if I can help…

If you start with 960 I would advise to do all your adding and removing of elements in it unless you want to put in or take out elements in a specific device which then you will need to go to the other devices you don’t want it to show and tick “remove from this device”.

So you have created the 960 navigation so my advice would be to hide it from your 320 and intro a new one for your 320 that you would hide on all the other devices. This will allow you to have full control over the 320 without affecting any other device’s navigation! :slight_smile:

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Thank You @greenskin