320px version does not measure 320px on iPhone

Good morning all.
I made a website in 960px then an adaptation in 320. In the preview, the full width elements… are not. It’s the same with the live site. Is it because of the Safari IOS address bar?
Thank you for your comeback.

@ChristianLePelican, Is your mobile a small screened iPhone?
If it isn’t then you’ll see the spacing either side of your website like in your screenshot.

My mobile is an iPhone 6.
I don’t have this problem with the 320px sites that I realize with the “Hype” software for example

I hope I didn’t offend anyone by mentioning software other than “Sparkle”

Hello @ChristianLePelican

No I don’t think you offended anyone. :blush:
Other people here use “Hype” as well, together with Sparkle. Myself included.

What is the screen size (width) of an iPhone 6?
Is it wider than 320px?

That’s probably why you see spacing on either side of your website.
Although, if you use a “wide box” it should fill the screen on any device …

Thank you for your answers. Indeed, the ideal site size for an iPhone would be 375px.
Maybe in the future we can choose the width of our projects …