4 level munue realized

When I moved from “Sandvox” to “Sparkle” some days ago, at the beginning I’ve struggled with a lot of topics. But I received a lot of help from members of this forum. Thanks again to all of them. And I’ve followed the advice to learn from several video tutorials.

But the maximum level of 2 for menues was something I need to overcome. And today I’m happy to tell you, I was succesfull. Have a look to the picture below:

On level 1 there’s a topic “Blog” (Im using this term more in the meaning of a diary). By moving over it, you can see the level 2. One topic on this level is “Urlaube” (vaccations). Clicking on that button, you’ll go to a page where you can choose the vacation. That’s level 3. You can’t see that level on the picture above. From that 3rd level you can switch to the single days of the a specific vacation, which is level 4. On the picture you can see 3 buttons: “zurück” (return) will switch you back to level 3, “vorheriger” (day before) to the day before and “nächster” (next day) to the next day.

I’ve managed it like this:

Bildschirm­foto 2023-03-19 um 16.23.47

On page “Urlaube” are switch boxes to select the vacaition, e.g. “Äg_2023”. (At this moment it’s the only one.) On “Äg_2023” there’s a switch box to “Äg_2023 Vorbemerkung”. On that page are only 2 switch boxes (“zurück” and “nächster”) but e.g. on “Äg_2023_01.06.2023” (as in the picture) are 3: “Zürück” goes to “Äg_2023”, “vorheriger” to “Äg_2023 Vorbemerkung” and “nächster” to “Äg_2023 02.06.2023”.

I’m quite sure there’re more elegant ways, but it worls…

Greetings from Germany!

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