403 Error After Publishing Mobile Device

First Things First:

  • I use BlueHost

*The site I am having problems with is and Add-On to a primary site

  • I had problems originally publishing because I did not use the primary site’s public

My site was live and looking food with only the 1200 pixels format published with others set to automatically scaled and 320 set to not present. Once I edited that device I hit publish and immediately received the 403 error.

From reading the threads, I gather that I need to adjust something in my C-Panel for the Mobile redirect. Not too familiar with where this should go. Or do I need to publish to second location through Sparkle?

Screen shots attached.
Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 11.43.54 PM

If there is a setting for a mobile redirect you should remove it. The site as is should be designed to work for both desktop and mobile, so there’s no separate mobile site. This is the whole point of responsive.

If there is no such setting, it might be saved to a server configuration file called .htaccess.

It’s really hard to say though. Maybe bluehost will help and remove the mobile redirect for you.

Duncan, thank you for your prompt response as always. This is what sets Sparkle apart.

I caught up with BlueHost and it is their claim that the index along with other files were deleted. I did not go to the C-Panel yesterday at and the only changes I made were in the customization of the Mobile site.

BlueHost backed up the most recent copy they could find and it is unrecognizable. 80% of the content is missing.

Is there any reason that during my publishing of a new device that Sparkle would have triggered these changes?

I want to note again that this FTP client was a head scratcher to set up in the first place and Sparkle could not recognize the setup.

I’m not seeing the broken images though. What browser are you using?

Seems to work, I am using the newest Safari browser on my Mac M1.