404 Error message

I’ve loaded my site to SiteGround and I’m getting a few odd things going on, the major one being the 404 Error message.
If I input the websites domain name in a browser (Safari) I get the site, but when I go to the nav button at the top, to go to the other 4 sections, I get the 404 Error message.
If I take the URL info from the side panel in Sparkle for any of the 4 sections and paste that into Safari, it takes me to the web page! If I try to move from there to anything other than the Home page I get the 404 Error message and if I try and go backwards the site page I could initially see returns the 404 Error message!!!
I’m obviously doing something wrong, but no idea what… has anybody any idea what my mistake is?

PARTIALLY SOLVED: for some reason the website was accessing the Page Description info! So I deleted that and it still seems to be calling the same info, so it might now just be a ‘propagation’ problem. Sit and wait?

SOLVED: clearing the cache has now allowed me to use the full site!

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