5.0.5 no more pictures showing

After updating to 5.0.5, sparkle unfortunately no longer finds any pictures. Everything remains white like the background. Only the names of the images are still displayed in the sidebar on the right.
Does this mean that I have to replace them all? That will be a lot of work…
Do you have any other idea?

I am working offline on the site on a Mac 10.15.7. The sparkle file is on the internal server.

Hello and welcome!

Do you mean the left sidebar (the layers list)?

I recommend not making any changes to your work and sending the document to Duncan to address the issue. In Sparkle, click on “Help” at the top and then “Send Current Document as Feedback” (or something similar, I’m not sure of the exact translation) and explain your problem.

Hello Allen,
thank you, I will do that.
I meant the right sidebar, where information is given about the individual image. But on the left side, where the individual pages are listed, the pictures are also named and numbered.

It looks like Sparkle is changing png files to jpg and then you just see white instead of the image. If you know you have used png and the right hand panel says the image is jpg just switch (replace) it back to png.

Thanks FlaminFig, that’s a good hint. I will pay attention to it. But so far I have only used jpg.

Experimenting further…
Forgot to mention that transparent webp also comes in as jpgs, and if a png hasn’t been taken care of with how the transparency has been done can come in as a jpg.

thanks FlaminFig - the page has a white background and the images - all jpg’s - don’t actually have any transparencies.
I have sent the page to Duncan. I still hope that I can avoid linking again … That would be very nice. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help. - It seems that the thumbnails just took a very long time to show up when I first opened them after the update. But they are there.