A 5 day project

Im really happy to share with you a race of just 5 days (like 20 hrs) since the client give me the info. It’s incredibly great to know that we can count on a tool of so much power and also so simple. :muscle:


Good one, Gustavo!

Muy belíssimo.

Only thing lacking is the SSL there - some browsers may not accept opening the website.

Thanks primo!! Yep… the ssl it’s a must I know. I’ll will talk with the client. You´re right. Question: Do you know a place were the ssl has a good price?

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Yea, well, here in Brazil I use Hostinger for me and as a recommendation for my clients based on the price and the service. Their UX is pretty clean, it’s a great platform and have a great support.

I’ve checked out the prices for it in Mexico (if you’re having clients on Spain, check this other page), but I don’t have any base MX$ price for hosting services, so you should take a look.

I like the SSL they sell: it’s lifetime and the price is pretty fair, at least here. Check out BR price, MX price and ES price

Best advice ever Primo!!! It’s an excellent option! My new election. :D! THANKS.

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Fantastic site, bravo!

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