A cool and simple roll-over effects

Here’s a way to achieve an interesting roll-up effect:

Video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5kb7o5dkqzh043q/roll-over%20effects.mov?dl=0

  1. create an image that will serve as a reference to an article, a link, an advertisement and so on.
  2. insert it in the page
  3. choose the button tool and place it over the image
  4. do not put any label on the button
  5. choose the background color of button on the transparent black
  6. choose the color of the mouse passage (mouse over) on “transparent” (this will show you the image below the mouse passage)

That’s all!


Good idea.
Thank you!


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If you do this with the ‘Menu’ tool, you can do the same thing as well, except the effect is a bit slower which gives a nice effect too!