A cool animated website (in my opinion)

Hi there,

We are a very small team of designers. Sparkle 3.0 has allowed us to create amazing websites. In this case this website is for an audio company with Ecwid integrated for the store. We spent a lot of time doing very cool animations, we think that they improve the overall experience and gets buyers a new perspective of the brand.

If you want to Check it out here it is, hope you like it as well :wink:



Very well made website, some little tweaks needs to be done here and there but overall well done.

What can we improve? :wink:

The graphic is on the top text, looks unfinished.
See attached photo.

@dpamping, You guys have done a great job in not only a great call to action website, but showing what Sparkle 3 is capable of - fantastic! :slight_smile: :star:

You have Ecwid running seem less giving a really great experience! :star:
You guys have also done a really great job on mobile! :star: The only thing I have to say… is there a reason you have tablet portrait showing the mobile layout?

¡Walaaa!! ¡Enhorabuena por la web!!
Me ha gustado todo, presentación, tipografías, los colores son muy yo. Los tamaños del texto se escuchan! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Por poner un “pero” pequeño, me gusta más como aparece la imagen de información de los Play Bud, que de los Play Bud Pro y el estuche de los Pro es muy bonita, se le puede sacar más partido. Echo en falta una tabla de especificaciones técnicas del producto, ¿se podría añadir la opción de grabar es estuche?
Por gustar me ha gustado hasta el producto, ¡ya se que pedir para mi cumple! ¿Es un producto made in spain?
Saludos y mucha suerte.

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Interesting and well done use of Sparkle. How did you do the first animation, from the picture posted above?
Btw, I would put the Playbuds outside of the text, not just overlapping on the edge. Images should never just touch the edge of something. Completely overlapping or next to it, not on the edge.

Good site and use of eye catchers but I found several text overlaps using Microsoft Edge as below which is a confidence breaker unless of course you meant it to look that way. Long page to scroll so what about a button to take me to the top of the page?

Screenshot 2022-01-02 at 10.59.51

Edge meaning what specifically? The modern Edge is just Chrome with a Microsoft UI on top. I tested Edge 18 and it worked fine.

It’s made for Spanish language so any translation made by the browser is going to look bad.

Tablets are not very used for searching web really. Not a lot of people have a tablet this days, users are mobile first and if they use tablet they use it landscape, so making another version for tablet portrait it’s pointless we think. But I don’t know If the automatic scaled option or any other of the options given in sparkle works automatically to solve that. We will try.

Thanks for taking your time :wink:

Well one thing we thought a lot was this overlapping. We tried with and without and we came to a conclusion that it was going to be controversial with the overlapping. Principles of design are a set of rules that are made by designers. So sometimes you need to break them to make new ones. In this case we think very deeply that this small overlapping invites you to discover all the text and take a scroll action. When you scroll and the text and the headphones start the animation and you see them well, you fell much better and this improves the product-viewing experience mood. So yes, it seems like it’s not right but thats the intention.

Thanks for taking your time and share your opinion :wink:


Hola, que gusto hablar español :slight_smile:

Si que es verdad que el estuche es muy bonito, revisaremos eso.

Las especificaciones técnicas las hemos puesto en la página de compra en la parte de abajo, allí puedes encontrarlas.

Una de las opciones que querían proporcionar para los cascos es el tema del grabado. Si te fijas en cualquiera de las dos paginas de información abajo del todo o en la página de compra hay un apartado que pone personalización en la que se puede hacer eso.

El producto por lo que tengo entendido es hecho en china (como todos) pero se hace algún último paso aquí en España.

Gracias por tomarte tu tiempo y saludos :relaxed:

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About overlapping check @MiWe response

About the animation, we did that with the scroll and rotate function of sparkle there is not much more really it’s easy. We sometimes make a group with the image and a transparent square just to use two animations like on scroll and one time ones.

Thanks for your opinion and your time, we really appreciate it :blush:

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Well, I’ve learnt something here. It seems that Google’s effort at translation can sometimes screw things up badly although I’ve not seen one behave quite so drastically so far.
I use Microsoft Edge ( Microsoft Edge Version 96.0.1054.62 (Official build) (x86_64)) on a 27" iMac at 2560 x 1440 resolution and always translate a website to English - it seems that’s where the issue is. Usefull to know as an English website may also translate badly to other languages as well!

I see your point. It sounds like you have based your stance of market research?

I have been playing with “automatically scaled” the tablet device and Sparkle does a really good job. So I have custom layout desktop, “automatically scaled” tablet, and a custom layout mobile.

Here in Australia the use of tablets are still high so I think it is important to include it.

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Yeah @greenskin , I don’t have here the market research of Spain but for US it’s something like this

So as you can see it seems like tablets are not very used on search in general.

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Excelente trabajo. Enhorabuena.

Muy buen trabajo, los felicito.

Canada here, with a ton of tablet users. Mostly in landscape.
Love your animations. Very well done. Though I can’t agree with the earbuds covering text on the index page I can appreciate the work you’ve done. I notice on one page there’s a long blank space. I’ve included the screenshot. You’ll know what page it’s on.
I usually design my initial designs for phones as well, then I progress to tablets.
I’m finding that purchases especially are made on larger devices. My stats indicate for significant purchases above $500 the 45+ age group is extremely important. Anyway, here’s the pic.