A cool animated website (in my opinion)

We’ve fixed the problem, thanks for telling us and taking you time :wink:

Wow! This is really cool. You created an amazing Sparkle website that we can learn lots of things from.

The slight shading around the earphones, on the first visit to the site, caused an unpleasant effect (you could see the square end of the shadow itself), but going up and down the effect disappeared. Although the site draws a lot of inspiration from Apple sites (and it seems right!) I can say, however, without fear of denial, that this is the best site ever that I have seen made with Sparkle or, at least, what it demonstrates to better the extraordinary potential of this software. Really good, congratulations!


We really appreciate your words :wink:

I’ve talked with Duncan about the problem with the shadow and it has something to do with the browser, it’s like a bug or something like that. If it doesn’t resolve soon we need to change that because it looks very bad.

Pues va a tener razón @duncan! Merece la pena hacerle caso. Lo he visualizado en Chrome y Safari, y se ve diferente.


En safari se ve la sombra y queda “raro”, chrome lo disimula mejor.

When I was scrolling and navigating haha I was whispering: NO MAMES!!! NO MAMES!
Congrats!!! I love it!!!