A couple dream requests!

First off I wanted to say THANK YOU to the Sparkle team for the ABSOLUTE DREAM APP - I tried at least half dozen other programs, plus web-based builders, before discovering this. I build the EXACT website I wanted with Sparkle in virtually one night, and I can’t believe how good/clean/responsive it is, not to mention how virtually limitless the configurations are. Truly worth every penny, can’t say enough positive things about it.

There were only a couple workflow functions/tweaks I’d like to see just because I work pretty fast and these would be very helpful:

  1. One-click preview button and/or

  2. In-app preview function (a window that pops in and out with a click to see how it would look on your browser

  3. One-click publish button

3.5 Publish only changes, as it tends to take over a minute to publish just a spelling change on one page

  1. Making it so this pop-up (pic below) stays open when I check the opacity/transisitons in browser preview and come back to Sparkle (as of now I have to go back and click on it again and find the place on was working on)

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 4.07.36 PM

Ok that’s all, and thank you once again for this incredible app - it is greatly appreciated!

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Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:
And I totally concur! A fantastic product! :slight_smile:

I’m thinking an in-app preview might be a little hard because Sparkle’s canvas isn’t html/CSS/javascript, but generates this for the browser to interpret when Preview(ing).

Ah ok makes sense! I was just thinking workflow in that regard, but definitely not a big deal! But the single-click preview (click launches preferred browser) would be amazing :slight_smile:

So @Obama do you run Preview in the background? I know it is two clicks to launch but once launched it remains open showing changes to the Sparkle canvas in real-time.

But you never know, it might be an addition in the coming Sparkle 5.0! :slight_smile:

Yes I do! And just thought of that, so it’s just a matter of Command+Tab and super easy once it’s launched - I’m just a huge fan of one-click actions; I’m used to using Logic Pro for music and workflow is super fast (along with keyboard shortcuts too)

But if I was forced to actually complain about Sparkle I wouldn’t be able to do it!

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I get you! :slight_smile: As a Web Designer we are always trying our best to reduce the User’s clicks to get to the content we need them to get to!

By all means let your suggestions fly!
That is how Sparkle has been growing by us Sparkle-Fans flaming it with our ideas! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Obama, welcome and thanks for the kind words!

About your suggestions:

  1. the problem with the one click is that browsers don’t always behave the same, Safari re-opens the same preview tab, Chrome and Firefox open a new one, which could lead to many many tabs open, not just an annoyance in the browser, but a potential problem with Sparkle (having to serve many separate preview instances) – the idea here always was that you keep the browser open either visible or not, and go back and forth to it, but that doesn’t fit everybody’s workflow
  2. the in-app preview is certainly a possibility, either as a different window or in-window, it seems more useful to test multiple browser engines, and that the canvas would be a decent reference of quality/fidelity, but I can see that being useful
  3. yeah well the publish process is never instant, but ever click counts?
  4. (3.5) this is a common complaint but Sparkle is already doing the most optimized publish it manages, there certainly is room for improvement but the goal has always been and always will be the performance of the published site (see Quickest way of correcting just one detail - #2 by duncan for example)
  5. yes I agree the parallax configuration can be cumbersome, we do have it on our radar to improve it at some point

Thanks again!

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Appreciate the thoughtful reply @duncan! Keep up the incredible work and no matter with even the future updates, Sparkle is a 10/10 app and I’d go as far to say it’s pretty darn near perfect at this point

Thank you again!!