A couple of questions from Stockholm

Hello everyone! I am new here so hope you’re all well in these very very strange times.

I do music mastering and I am working on a new site based on the wonderful “three stars” theme.
https://masteringsbyrån.se (It’s includes a swedish letter, so try www.xn–masteringsbyrn-xib.se/ if the other link doesn’t work)

Anyways, I have a couple of questions I am hoping somebody is smart enough to answer for me…

  1. The site basics, font size and general site size looks quite good (IMO :wink: on my 13,3" (1440 x 900) MacBook Air. However on my 12,9 iPad Pro (gen 2) the site looks almost too zoomed in. So far I have only done the 960 size in Sparkle but I thought it would work better on the iPad. The separate “sections” of the site (the parallax-ish thing) are all 800px in height. Ideally I would want those sections to automatically extend to the height of the screen it viewed on, so that what’s on the top (the grey-ish images) sort of fill the screen when you get to the site. Without showing the next area/picture below it. But I think that’s maybe not possible. How does it look on your screens? Is the text size ok?

  2. Every now and then when I hit refresh the site comes up “focused” on the “kontakt”-area at the bottom of the index page, where anchor 4 is situated. It’s not a cache thing, because it also did that on my TV and that comp/TV has never been anywhere near where the site has been created etc. And I have never visited it on that machine. Weird. Does it do that for you guys as well?

And lastly, as I am sure you can already tell. I am not a web or developer guy. Just a music mastering guy.

Cheers from (home) Stockholm,

@jollygods, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Your site on the iPad isn’t too bad, but I would introduce the 768px breakpoint and see what you think. Also having the parallax blocks become 100% screen height isn’t something Sparkle can do at this stage.

I see what you mean regarding the contact form - it doesn’t look to be Sparkle native. It looks like it is more the fact that the contact form triggers the page because I see the cursor flashing within the first input box asking me to start filling out the form?

Hey greenskin! Yes of course! You said it. It’s my web form builder - form that has an “autofocus” thing enabled so that it wants to jump down to activate that line in the form. Of course, why didn’t I think of that. :wink: Thanks for the great help! It’s lovely to find a community with people much smarter/knowlegdable than myself to get some help from…

Also - yeah I will go further with the 768 variant as soon as I feel the site is finished. However, I think my iPad Pro 12,9 has a higher resolution screen than my MacBook Air (2015 model) so I would have thought the site would look smaller on that screen. But as you saw it actually looks bigger… And that’s what I don’t really understand…

Hey thanks once again!

/Anders, Stockholm

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@jollygods, Glad to help! :slight_smile:

I don’t have an iPad Pro 12.9, but my iPad 10.1 isn’t doing a bad job at the moment. I’m sure when you introduce the 768px breakpoint things will change, but maybe @duncan can chip in because he knows his Sparkle inside out and can give you a better understanding.

Hey again greenskin! Yep, probably true. When I get the 768 version going it’ll be ok. I’m still not sure though why a 2732 x 2048 screen (the iPad 12,9) would display the site bigger than a 1440x900 screen. Seem strange, but hey. There you go. :wink:

Cheers from what was yesterday a spring-feeling Stockholm. Today, snow on the ground and blue skies. /A