A fun new Sparkle site we're featuring

We love this new Sparkle site, created by children’s writer @Susan. It’s unconventional, joyous and fun, but more importantly it’s written in Susan’s own voice.

Susan has joined this community, and is happy to answer your questions.



Thanks, Duncan! I had so much fun building my site, and I’ve still got a lot of things to do and fix. Each time I look at it, I see some little thing I could make better.

I don’t know how many questions I can answer, but I’m happy to tell anyone what tricks I used to try to make things work for me. I can tell you that I used to create my site (maybe ten years ago) on iWeb and was really sorry when that stopped being supported, so I was thrilled to find Sparkle was similar, but better.

Also, I definitely googled some questions I had while building and found myself in this community more than once, getting an answer, so thanks!


Congratulations on your website!

Congrats to your awesome looking website. A great website is never finished. :slight_smile:

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Duncan, will there be in the future the possibility of putting a preloader for pages that are heavy to load? Sparkle is so cool that you want to create piebe pages of graphics, videos, images…

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No need to have a preloader. Sparkle already resize photos internally. In my 21 years i never had to use a preloader.

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That is indeed a nice website. Well done. I like the idea with the cat sticking its head from behind the book shelf.

@Susan You might want to look into creating a form for contacting you, instead of putting your email openly on the page. To avoid spam. It’s easily done. See https://tramfabriek.nl/contact.html

Thanks so much! Glad you saw the cat! I’ll think about that email form. Good idea, and I’m sure I don’t want to be overloaded with spam.