A kind of backend

I have to create, in the next few days, a site for an accountant. He asks me to insert Feed Readers and to be able to insert specific news from time to time that his studio offers regarding laws and regulations governing the work. Do you think this is achievable with Sparkle?

@maxsanna, Something like this https://surfing-waves.com/feed.htm you could embed into your Sparkle page? which could get you by. There are similar out there, you just need the generated code they give you and embed it in your Sparkle page.

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That’s right, thank you very much. That’s exactly what I wanted for RSS. But do you think that my client can somehow insert news through a sort of insertion mask?

Sorry @maxsanna, I’m not really familiar with RSS Feed so I don’t know what an “Insertion mask” is? Is it a title or something?

Hoping someone else here in the forum can be more helpful!

Sorry I mean insertion mask.

@maxsanna, Sorry it looks like the system thought I was wrong in saying “mask”! :frowning: