A photo that changes every time the website loads

Hello Sparkle folks, and this mysterious fellow, Duncan, who seems to be a ringleader and I am guessing might be the main architect of Sparkle. I just bought Sparkle and am totally I love with it. It does everything I loved about Adobe Muse and seems to do it better. Just wanted to share my enthusiasm, but I do have one question: wasn’t answered by the good documentation:
Is there a way to place a photo, say on the home page, that will change every time the page is loaded? Like having a Gallery of multiple photos, but set so the they only shift when the page is loaded (or refreshed). Maybe there is a way to do this, or maybe it will be available in future. But why not ask? Thanks for this great web-building app and for any suggestion for this one, small feature. !! Lito

Hi @Lito and welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

Like you I have used Adobe Muse in the past and Sparkle walks all over it for stability, speed, and the smarts! :slight_smile: So glad you are enjoying it.

For now Sparkle is not able to change an image on reload or refresh, but you can embed a javascript applet to do so if you really need too…

Thanks for your kind reply greenskin. I am working on redoing a nature photographer’s site (westerneye.com) and wanted the home or welcome page to feature a large photo, but would like it to not always stay the same. Do you or anyone have a javascript applet to do this that you might share? And while I am at it, one more small question: Is there any way to substitute a different arrow symbol in the Sparkle image gallery? Only a couple of minor items in my possible wish list. Sparkle works so well that I can happily modify my design ideas to accommodate Sparkle and I will still be way ahead. Thanks

Thanks for the suggestion. This would be reasonably easy to add on our end.

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@Lito, For me I like to keep things simple on a website but maybe something like the following could help you out - http://www.web-source.net/web_development/random_images.htm plus we have a few coders here that could help like @francbrowne

Substituting of the gallery arrow is not possible yet, but as Duncan just mentioned it could be a later addition. Anyways have fun! :slight_smile:

Another quick Thank You! To greenskin and also to Duncan. I am so impressed with the positive, cheerful and helpful tone of all the comments, questions and answers in the community section of the Sparkle website. And thanks for that one tip, greenskin, but I think keeping it simple is going to be best. And at the moment, I am happy to adjust to, and enjoy the very good visual design options already available in Sparkle. Have a great day. Lito

@Lito I can’t come up with a solution that changes pictures every time the site loads, but I do have a simple option for displaying a different image every day. It’s very easy to implement with a simple HTML code box on the page. The moderators here are not great fans of coded solutions to issues because it tends to detract from the simplicity of using Sparkle, so if you want the code and instructions, it’s probably best if you drop me a private message. I’ll be more than happy to provide the solution.

You can check out an example HERE

Please have in mind, features such as this can be a bit hit or miss for some users due to browser caching. It may require the user to empty the browser cache before the new images can be displayed.