A publisher's website

As a print designer from time to time I am challenged to create a website too. For years I used Freeway to my hearts content. After its EOL I had to bite the bullet and subscribe to Muse. And then came Sparkle. What a relief!
So now I have finished a website for a publisher (http://www.kornbach.com) to showcase his offers.
B.T.W., there is a little problem: the menu item for the GDPR appears only on smaller desktop devices. For all other devices I can’t activate this (the list item and little eye icon are greyed out). I have no clue how to solve this. Any suggestions are highly appreciated


Hi @sfbdesign, congrats, a very unique looking site!

I think you can probably move the menu slightly to the left and make the last item visible.

Hi Duncan, thank you very much for appreciating my site. I’m glad that Sparkle is letting me do such things.
Moving the menu slightly (even heavily) to the left brought no success. The term »Datenschutzerklärung« appears only on the 960 pixel breakpoint, whether online or in design mode. It remains a mystery… Best regards, Siegmar

Some glitch maybe. Try the following workaround, from the menu settings:

  • set the menu to manual mode (i.e. uncheck the “auto add items” checkbox)
  • remove the Datenschutzerklärung item
  • add a new item with the “+” button
  • link that manually added item to the Datenschutzerklärung page

It should now show in all pages.

Problem solved! Thank you for the good advice.