A video please, showing control of layering

It would be pleasant if there were a video of layering effects.
Show what all happens in that top section of the Arrange panel.
And how to get to it?

For instance how to keep the list of blogs and links to remain on top of underlying page content.

Joseph O’Laughlin

@jol, You can improve the layering of the elements by grouping them and then arranging the groups.
Also remember the layer arrangement is similar to z-index (CSS) but is more of a design approach of stacking.

If you assign groups then you can also have the stacking priority within the group.

Hi Hendrik,
Seems like better understanding and higher skill levels than I currently have.


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@jol You’ll get there! :slight_smile: Give it time…

Thanks Hendrik,
Very suppoortatative !


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O wha gifte th’ Gifte gi’ us…
Now today the Arainge and layering controls seem to be working and visibly represented on the interface.

Perhaps a silent update ;^) ? instead of the horrors of making a video and a narrative?

Thanks be to th’ Gifte !

AND empty the cache-s on the browsers you are using to check both Preview and the published version.