Accordeon to my wishlist

Isn’t the drop down menu kind of an accordeon? Except the possibility to add more than one line and maybe to add an image or a graphic, I think so.

In a way, but not really created for that purpose.

This topic has been covered a number of times and the common agreement is that drop down accordions is a bad experience for Users on mobile.

You could in a round about way use popups
Check out Duncan’s take on it called “tabbed view” - Popups | Sparkle Documentation

I cannot agree for my experience on mobiles. Watching for example, - I cannot see a better way. Of course, and by that time I suggested the popups as well to my client, this is another good way to hide and show on demand but it also is not as smooth as an accordion (one has to click the close-button, while in the accordion you just tab the next button to close the first and open the next tab, right?), even for mobiles - of course it depends and will not allways be the best solution. I’ll watch the “tabbed view” indeed, as this is the second approach for hiding and showing on demand but this is indeed for mobile very inconvenient when needing more than three tabs if you watch my example.
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