Accordion issue?

Hi all,

So sorry with the deluge of questions as of late. So I tried following the accordion tutorial on youtube to hide and show layout block states. I feel like I am missing something, as my Buttons aren’t stacking as I see it in the videos and the layout blocks are overlapping in a strange fashion. I made sure to check every button is set to the specific layout block, all blocks and buttons are in the same group ID, all blocks are hidden until toggled and close other layout blocks is checked. In the tutorial video, the buttons were stacked but then shifted down to reveal an answer. Mine in preview does what is seen in my screenshot. What should I be doing instead?

Have your tried @jberna to open the Popups and shift them to sit under the buttons on the canvas?
What are your Popup settings?

Hello jberna,
Would you be happy to send the file to me to have a look? Maybe I can see better from that.