Activate after consent

Hopefully, someone can help explain this to me.

I am using ECWID on a number of my websites, and I have to have this option checked on the ECWID embed element for this to work. Is this correct? If this is left unchecked, the ECWID embed does not display at all.

The user also has to agree to accept cookies on the site for ECWID to work - if they select deny, ECWID will not display. I guess this how it should work, but we do get some customers selecting deny and then asking why the website is not working!

Any help on best practise for using ECWID on sparkle would be greatly received.

I have tried to use the payment options within Sparkle for ECWID but I don’t like how it forces everything to full width and also aligns everything left, rather than centre aligned.


As far as I know Ecwid only places functional cookies. You do not have to ask for permission to place functional cookies. It’s best to use Ecwid’s own integration code via the embed option in Sparkle, that way you can determine the position and width of the store on the page.

Hi @andymaltby, according to say this article:

ecwid uses cookies that require user consent. Unchecking the “activate after consent” checkbox means your site visitors are exposed to ecwid and other cookies prior to their consent.

About the way ecwid shows up in the page, we support use of ecwid via Sparkle’s native ecwid component (payment buttons, etc), using a straight embed generally works but we don’t support any layout issue that might arise (which is the reason for the restrictions).

As usual we’re happy to receive say an email with a sample project detailing any problem, we will look into that and consider changing Sparkle.