Activating text input box after checkbox is checked!

I want to know if I can activate/ show text input box after checkbox is checked !

I am trying to make an enquiry form that have a checkbox, with a text input box be activated/showed after the checkbox is checked to add more information.

In other words, the text input box will be grayed out and not allowing to write anything until the checkbox is checked.

One more question, can I make tap like views? for example, if I have 2 groups of photo galleries that I want to show in the same place on the page but each gallery will be under a different tap (one to show cat photo and the other to show dogs photo.

I am still getting familiar with Sparkle.

Hey @Theilluminance, welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

A couple of good questions…

  • What you are suggesting with a tick activating an input box is not possible for now in Sparkle
  • I’m not totally sure about this one but I don’t think it is possible

Don’t forget there is a good bit of information in what you can do with Sparkle at Duncan’s website -, and at the Sparkle YouTube channel -


With a Javascript snippet you can do this. Please read the following:
Java script solutions
There are sone examples for you.

Mr. F.

@greenskin @Mr_Fozzie

Thank you for the replies, however; I am not a code person but more into design. I will find a solution and share it with you.

However; one more question: can I add a drop down choices? Like nationality drop down.

Hi, I have already done a Form with that kind of function.
The trick is not to try to do everything in Sparkle, but you can easy integrate third party Tools via the embed option in Sparkle
. at the coffecup Software website there is a paid tool called Web Form builder. This tool is a web Form generation Tool, that can do webform elements in combination with conditions.
you simply create the Form with this tool, and embed the Code in your Sparkle site

Search for conditional Form elements