Activation code

Just updated to 2.8 and can’t find my activation code. Can I access it anywhere?


Looks like this problem is hitting a few people who purchased from the MacAppStore, so it’s worth discussing in some detail.

First, there are two different versions of Sparkle, one distributed via the MacAppStore, one via our website. They are identical, except for the update mechanism and for licensing.

Due to AppStore policies, the licensing needs to be distinct, meaning an AppStore license isn’t intended to work with non-AppStore software, and conversely a non-AppStore license can’t be used to unlock software distributed on the AppStore.

So about activation codes, if you have the AppStore version of Sparkle, there is no activation code, Apple handles it internally and manages licensing of Sparkle for you. When you download a purchased version of Sparkle, it is automatically activated.

If you have the AppStore version of Sparkle and are thinking “license code”, you might have downloaded Sparkle from our site, but you won’t be able to activate it.

Conversely if you have Sparkle from our website and somehow download Sparkle from the MacAppStore, you won’t be able to activate it. There’s no place to enter the activation code, because it can’t be used there.

Updating is also distinct, AppStore software is required to not having any built-in updating mechanism (and yes Apple at some point rejected Sparkle for having what looked like an auto-updater software built-in). Conversely the only practical way to update software outside the AppStore is to have built-in updating.

For distribution from our site, we have full control, it’s issued from our web server, and it’s easy and immediate for us to flip the switch to the new version.

When we issued Sparkle 2.8 today we first waited for it to show up on our local instance of the AppStore, and it was there. Apple’s content distribution network is certainly very sophisticated, but it is likely not optimized for synchronized releases worldwide, or to let all users download updated software at the same time.

So while Sparkle is showing up here, it might not show up where you are.

There are a few things that can help “kick” the AppStore into finding the update. One is to try reloading the update page, you can do this pressing CMD-R. Another option is logging out from the Apple ID and then logging back in. A third option is to restart your Mac.

Hope this helps in understanding what’s going on.

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Thanks for the explanation Duncan. I learned some things from it.

FYI i simply pulled up Sparkle and selected Check for Updates and it went fine for me.

No I do not understand this. Why is it so complicated?

It isn’t really. I responded via email.