Active Fonts - removal

There seem to be a handful of fonts that can’t be Inactive. I would think this might be because my site uses them… but some are definitely not used. Is this a bug, or are these 8 fonts required to remain in the font menu?

Also, is anyone else’s Font Panel cut off a little on the right side (you’ll notice the green triangles for Lato and Lucina Grande in my screenshot are smaller than the others)?

@Dash, I have actually the opposite on my iMac 27" where I have ample space on the right-hand side of the font panel, so it could be a screen size related issue?

On your first question I’ll leave that to Duncan, because I’m not really sure… sorry?

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the panel opens below the font popup menu–on the Font Panel documentation page, the panel opens to the left of the popup menu.

I tried making the Sparkle window narrower both vertically and horizontally, but changing the main window size doesn’t change the cut-off–does it on yours?

I’ve got a 27" as well; I don’t know what the screen res is–it just reads “Default for display.” Is yours the same?

@Dash, Ok that’s a bit strange then?

I also have “Default for Display” set for my 5K Retina. I have Sparkle using all my screen realestate but I have also changed the apps size to see if I could imitate what is happening to you but I have no issues. Where it cuts off for you you can see from my screenshot that it adds a bit more space?

I’m using Sparkle Pro (subscription).

I’m using Pro as well, though of the non-subscription flavor. My version is 2.8.2, which seems fairly recent, but perhaps there’s a newer one that you have via subscription.

@Dash, I went to Pro a couple of days back and before that the non subscription Pro one, but I’ve always had my font panel showing the way in shows in my attached screenshot. Not sure what could be happening on your end?

Does it do the same if you have Sparkle assigned to its own fullscreen desktop?

Those are the built-in fonts so for the time being they can’t be disabled.

The clipping could be due to the scrollbar showing, do you have a wheel mouse?

I do–a Penguin ambidextrous. Does the scroll bar not appear for mice without scroll wheels?

It does not appear if your main pointing device is “touch” (more specifically if it supports momentum scrolling, so that includes the magic mouse).

It’s actually a system preferences, in the General section:

I wasn’t aware of the clipping in the font panel, we’ll take a look.

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I went to the preference pane–I had mine set to Always. When I change it to When Scrolling, the right side is no longer cut off, even when scrolling. It looks like the width of the scroll bar region, which is wider than the actual bar, might be what’s causing the issue.

But switching to showing the scroll bar only when scrolling fixes the problem, so I’ve done that–I’m fine with the scroll situation either way. I didn’t even realize that it was an option to hide them sometimes! :innocent: