ActiveCampaign and form submission

I am willing to roll up my sleeves on this one, though I 'm aware that it is probably more complicated than I’d like.

I have an ActiverCampaign account. Similar to MailChimp or others. It allows me to create an embedded form that I place on my website which captures subscribers and some additional survey data. Unfortunately, the form is not very user friendly and aesthetically, not very consistent with my site, despite my best efforts.

How can I use advanced Form submission to send the form data to ActiveCampaign using my own Sparkle designed form? Can anyone point me into the right direction?


Whooo @macguyincali that one is an interesting call…

Have you tried using Zapier? Something like this might be of help with what you have in mind - SMTP by Zapier Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier

Could we see what you have so far?..

I was able to achieve branding with Campaign Monitor’s subscription form embed - Newsletter

Interesting. Will take a look. To be honest, I try to avoid third party integrations like Zapier. I just don’t need yet another platform I have to learn, that I have to keep track of, log into and possibly be upsold or coerced to pay yet another monthly fee for a simple piece of functionality. But then again, what I want to accomplish may not be easily achievable, so I guess I’ll have to look into it. I like what you did with Campaign Monitor. Looks seamless.

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I know what you are saying. I usually go the same way and try to avoid third-parties as much as I can, but then there are those times…

I don’t know about campaign monitor but I know you can’t quite do that with others because the embedded form is not just a form, it contains (JavaScript) logic to attempt to prevent spam bots from signing up. Don’t want to discourage you, just warn that it might not be possible.

I get what you mean, Duncan. I did find this article about hacking ActiveCampaign forms, but not sure how to adapt this for Sparkle (if it is at all possible). I want to send my Sparkle form to ActiveCampaign using my own designed elements. How to hack yourself a custom ActiveCampaign form component in React | by Claire Froelich | Le Wagon | Medium