Add a function to help finding heavy pictures inside a project


When your project becomes big – too big – it would be very helpfull to have a search function inside images to help identifying the biggest ones.


I’m sure that there might be a workaround, ie search metadata or something.
My first step which I often forget is to call each image, text block, and layer something when things get complicated.


Nice idea. I could see this as an addition to the site summary. Klick on “images” and you get a list of all images with size and where you find them. Maybe a suggestion für a future version of sparkle.

On the other hand, the images are added by the designer of the page. When you have an eye on the size when placing the image - you should be safe.

Mr. F.

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Yes, you can be carefull, BUT :

  • error humanum est
  • your assistant is may be not as carefull as you are