Add a "New Versions Issue" Category? (retracted; perhaps use "News" category)

Perhaps it would be helpful to add a new category to the Community Forum associated with release of new versions?

I suggest either:

  • one for each new version, “Version 4” in this case

or maybe

  • a more generic title “Current Upgrade”

I think it would help locate common upgrade issues/answers and assure one is commenting on contemporary topics.



We have already a “News” Category, just needs to be maintained.
In some stage it might be helpful have a forum moderator next to Duncan.
Would also love to see, that solved threads can get marked as solved.

I’m not sure that would be very helpful. There’s two kinds of problems that would end up in this category I think, one is the user interface or functionality is unclear, and the natural tendency to “blame” the new version for that (but the issue could have always been there).

The second is an actual bug, which again may or may not be something in the new version, and that in addition to being potentially mislabelled as “new version issue” it’s generally something nobody in the forum can help with.

And I’m not expecting all people in the forum to necessarily be able to distinguish any of these, so we just have to live with what comes and triage each request separately.

Thanks, @MiWe
Maybe this category adequately covers it.

Good enough, @duncan, and likely correct, as my story below confirms.

My prompt was because I had what seemed attributable to v4 upgrade. I was curious if others were having similar problems (pages expanding upwards of 100 times! in length–3000px-> 300000px). After looking through all the various threads, even reading some from two and three years ago, I saw nothing associated with v4. This is the point in the story where I suggested the “New Versions Issue” topic.

Eventually I dug out the backed-up pre-update file and compared it with the v4 file. The issue was NOT in the transition file, and opening the backed-up backup file in v4 did not re-produce the error. Thus, conclusively, the page length expansion was NOT part of the v4 update even though at first blush I suspected it was. Turns out the expansion occurred while I worked on moving posts between different blogs, creating the post summaries, and making the posts responsive. Somewhere in there the footers and page bottoms became crazy (in the blog sections and most others). Oh, I was also futzing around with menus for different sections. Yes, I know, I need a more focused work flow :roll_eyes:.

We’re hard at work on this issue by the way.

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Hi @PPEmail .

I just had that while i tried to implement the new layout blocks for just 1 page. I startet with the 960px layout what was easy, because i have made the items that belong together a layout block.

And then came the surprise with the 320px layout. Completely messed up. After some work rearranging everything, my footer was nearly a million pixels downwards on ALL pages and all devices. CTR+CMD+F made it a bit easier to restore that. Jesus, what is that.

I hope 4.0.3 brings a lot of fixes :smiley:

Mr. F.

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