Add external js and css files to Sparkle

Hi all,

Is there a way to add external css and js files to Sparkle?


I know there’s an option add an “Embedded Box” where you integrate css/js/php
but that’s not i’m looking for (i need to add a couple of css and js scripts to the assets folder)
and would be handy if you could those when publishing a project.

Please check my reply :link: to the @atani question "Pictures with before|after-slider" :link:

Nevermind - it is possible! (but only, if i am not mistaken … read below)

See “Site Settings” go all the way to the bottom of the left panel, and choose “Developer”
you can read more about on the documentation page - Developer Tools :link:

Be aware the “Developer Tools” is an optional feature/addon for which
you will need to pay an additional fee! of ( $99.99 / €109.99 / £99.99 )

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@wolfferine I was just about to suggest that for you…

As it says Sparkle is a visual development platform and playing with adding personalised CSS and javascript you need to know what you are doing as it can cause conflicts with Sparkle’s generated code.

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