Add schema for Sparkle <html>?

Hi everybody!
I am new here. It’s great to have designers who love their web building work so much. And also how people who love sparkle who have been using this app long enough. I’m going to ask a question here because I haven’t found any like it yet.

I am interested in Schema data to be inserted in the head of each web page, can the html snippet on the tag be installed from Sparkle?

Because obviously a beautiful site should be found on google too. I also see quite a few e-commerce sites here that are created by sparkle. Can anyone with experience in this give me some of the sites you’ve built?

Hi @DaiDuong, welcome.

Sparkle has built-in support for the local business and the organization schema, right in the site settings.

Those are the main ones used for SEO purposes.

If you need a different schema the only option is to use the Developer Tools options to add custom code to the page head.


Hi @DaiDuong, and you are going to love it amongst all us Sparkle(res)! :slight_smile:

For me I have had really great results with our created Sparkle sites being found through the major search engines… and that is without extra schema data inserts.

You will come across a number of terrific built Sparkle sites here with e-commerce integration.
The Sparkle site is a good start but I have created a few myself…

You are going to have loads of fun with Sparkle! Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Do you mean i can completely insert the example code below right into every product page or post page if i want right?

<script type=“application/ld+json”>
@context”: “”,
@type”: “Product”,
“name”: " ",
“url”: null,
“image”: [
" "
“description”: " ",
“sku”: " ",
“mpn”: " ",
“brand”: {
@type”: “Brand”,
“name”: [
" "

In my country those payment methods are a bit strange. As an experienced user, can you tell me with shopify they seem to give free payment setup with 10 products? Ecwid is also a new name to me, what do you think about using these 2 payment platforms.

Both products have been around for a long time now and I have been using them for our clients for around 10 odd years. In that time Shopify has more and more centralised their offerings, where Ecwid comes across as a decentralised platform which you will experience when using the Sparkle Ecwid widget. Both allow you to sell on social media and emails as well.

From memory I believe you’ll find Ecwid is the one offering 10 free payment, unless Shopify is doing a copycat of late? Both platforms allow for a variety of payment gateways so you are not stuck with just using PayPal.

Both platforms works faultlessly with Sparkle and has made my life far easier when building out e-commerce stores. It also allows the client total control over their inventory and the selling of it! :slight_smile:

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Sparkle is not about coding, so the sections of the site settings offer a visual user interface for entering the two schemas that are actually useful for SEO, as mentioned.

If you want to enter arbitrary data like that you will need the developer tools.

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What payment processors are popular in your country?

maybe we misunderstood each other, i’m not a web developer myself, i just want a place to put the schema code that is predefined by the tools out there to be inserted at the top of the page so google can easily find it . With sparkle is this possible?

I was born and raised in Vietnam. However I am not asking for a payment engine of my own, that is simply not possible, I have searched several pages of flaming tutorials, so paypal or google pay as far as I can see are fine with me. Is there a way to integrate that seems a bit difficult as far as the Sparkle interface is concerned or I haven’t figured it out yet?

You don’t need the external tools to defined the schema, you use Sparkle’s built-in tool. If you want to use an external tool then you need to buy the developer tools so that you can copy/paste the code to the page head.

Paypal support is built-in. It’s pretty straightforward. We don’t offer support for google pay, frankly we have not looked into it at all, so I’m not sure what it entails.

when I refer to 3rd party tools I mean just some websites that have this code ready and we just fill in the information, then fill in the top part of the page. I post the link here.

You can do this in Sparkle by clicking the code icon
CleanShot 2022-12-23 at 01.39.13@2x

Then you would insert the code here

But as Duncan is saying, you will need the developer tools (or Sparkle’s Developer Tools) to be able to do that.

Remember that Product Schema must be inserted individually for every product page, so for product 1 = schema 1, product 2 = schema 2, etc…


Thank you very much. That exactly what i want.