Adding a Blog to a Sparkle site

Has anyone successfully added a blog on a Sparkle website? If so, how did you do it. I am an educator and want to write suggestions and be able to have teachers ask questions and/or leave comments. Is this possible? I don’t know how to use WordPress. Thanks All.

I have a Blogger blog - it connects from the front page of my site I don’t talk technical and don’t remember how I did it but it had to be easy!

Thanks Betty. When someone clicks on it, does it take them off your site to blogger? Is there a charge for the blogger blog?

@Vocabgirl, You could use Duncan’s method - have a primary page called blog which you’d update everytime you place a blog post. Your blog post would sit in a “Section” called blog posts and here is where you’d add your blog posts that your primary blog page links too.

The blog post pages would be based on the one layout so everytime you write up a blog post it would just be the matter of duplicating the previous blog post page. You can also place code in the page for Disqus (you will need an account) allowing for patrons to leave comments.

Overall a simple solution plus you can do good SEO with it all to get a good spot (ranking) with Google and the likes… good luck! :slight_smile:

Thanks Greenskin. I’m really not techie enough to put code on the page. I do have a paid account with Sparkle. Did you mean that or an account with someone else? See what I mean? If all I want to do is write things for teachers, I think I could do what you suggested with just a page that I add to with a list of topics and anchors to that post, but it’s the thing about wanting to get questions and comments, that has thrown me. Thank you for taking your time to respond. Here is my website.

@Vocabgirl, Sorry for the confusion… I meant a Disqus account, please see here I’m going to recommend something else because having gone on Disqus’s site I can see they have gotten big and complicated. So this one is a good alternative -

The account (Disqus or Joint Comments) would give you access to a bit of code that you’d copy and paste into your blog post page with the Sparkle Embed element. Your then upload your Sparkle file back up to your hosting server and the comment section should appear.

The other way if you have a Facebook account, you can drop a bit of code from Facebook and have Facebook Messenger on your website were clients can leave you comments or ask you questions.

Full integrated blog with sparkle
Or you use Duncan method.

@MiWe, I’ve checked this out a few times… It is a good solution, but I wish it was more reasonably priced! Here in Australia I’m looking at about AUD$340/year as opposed doing it Duncan’s way.

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Crude blog w/ sparkleapp only