Adding a calendar

I know Sparkle does not have a built-in calendar. Can anyone suggest a free calendar that I can add to my Sparkle web sites? Also, would prefer free. Thanks.

What direct do you mean “calendar”. Do you want just a simple calendar shown, booking system, …?
Did you try google and searched for “free calendar embedded HTML” ?

Just a simple calendar where I can post meetings, events for a non-profit. Thanks. No, I did not do a search. I was hoping that someone had already been able to add one that worked well with Sparkle. Thanks.

Why not go with google, you can also embed it in Sparkle.
Have a look here:

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I use a public Google calendar (I named it events) added to a calendar page on my website and include a summary of events to showcase them.


Thanks, Cathy. That’s what I’m working on now after a suggestion from another member. Will updates show automatically with the link that you can embed?

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I didn’t like the Google calendar so did another search. I found LoCalendar, which I now prefer to Google. Google’s wasn’t as easy to navigate as LoCal is. So, it worked out better for me.


Thank you for sharing your end results. I looked up Localendar and it looked pretty good. Thanks

Michael, thanks for letting me know. It’s working much better than Google and I was able to put U.S. holidays on my calendar. With Google’s I wasn’t.

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That’s amazing, I wasn’t aware of that tool. Great search mate.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am experimenting with LoCalendar and may run both and put out a survey to see if there is a preference.

I am a little behind on visiting this forum. We had a busy few weeks with reunions, weddings and fundraisers. The embedded link updates automatically on the website. I saw your later post about LoCalendar. What makes it different from Google Calendar?

Hi Cathy. Well, for me it’s just easier to use and add events. I see that you have checked it out. Good idea to put out a survey.

No problem on not visiting the forum. I’m in your same boat - have a life that’s busy, too. Involved with non-profits and will have a major fundraiser coming up next year that, as chair, will start planning in Nov/Dec.