Adding Apple Pay to site

Good morning and hope all are well.
I’m a first time contributor but a long time reader.
I am currently setting up my site I have faced many challenges and over come a lot from using this site.
My question is, I have managed to set up a Ecwid e-commerce shop within my site, now I am trying to incorporate a payment portal similar to PayPal (Which I currently have) I have chosen Stripe because they allow you to use ApplePay which I am desperate to incorporate because of the ease of transations.On trying to set that up the ApplePay side of things require me to download some validation code and place it into my site so so I assume that ApplePay can validate my site. The question is where do I place the validation code? They have given very specific location of Can anybody help is this actually possible, I do see Sparkle does allow you to copy in validation code from specific vendors ie Google and the like?

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@Sicherry, Welcome onboard! :slight_smile:

I’m sure this is doable! Your link doesn’t work but if you can direct me to the instructions I can give you a helping hand, thanks…

Thank you.
The instructions link is

I hope this helps

@Sicherry, Ok from what I can make out you don’t have to do anything in Sparkle. You do have to place a folder on your hosting server (via FTP, or logging into the cPanel and using File Manager) and call it “.well-known”. Once you have that named folder in place you need to upload/place the file that Ecwid has given you and once placed follow Ecwid’s instructions to verify it.

From what I’ve read that seems to be all to it.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you Hendrik, In really do appreciate your help, I have gone into the file manager and added the file name .well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association but it will not allow it, the file manager states it is an invalid name, any suggestions?

The / in the name means you need to create a .well-known folder, and inside that folder place the file named apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association

I would just like to thank @duncan and @greenskin what great people you are, with your help, my site now accepts Apple Pay. Fantastic I am over the moon and hopefully this will also help others if they wish to add that payment issue.
I would also highly recommend Ecwid if anyone requires an e-commerce site.

Thank you again


@Sicherry, Sorry was enjoying dinner, but I see Duncan got you there - really happy for you and hope you online shop does great! :slight_smile: