Adding blog page to a menu

I am having a rather basic problem with the new blog feature, probably because I am not a very experienced Sparkle user. I clicked on the Blog button and wrote a short blog article. The blog index page and the article page are both shown on the left in the pages column, in a new BLOG section, as expected. I have a menu at the top of all pages in my site and I tried to enter the new blog as an item in the menu. I am using manual mode for the menu. I clicked on the menu and added the new blog item. In the Inspector, in the “on click” area, I chose “BLOG - Index”, which is the page title assigned by Sparkle. Then I published the site. Then when I clicked on this new blog item in the menu in the published site, I got the message “The requested URL was not found on this server.” It seems the menu has not connected properly to the blog index page. There must be a simple solution, but I am at a loss as to how to correct this. Any help appreciated.


What is the URL for the blog index page? Does it has the suffix .php ?

Hi @Phil, I just tried doing exactly what you describe, and it is working for me. Can you share a link to the site or send me the project file?

After some more fiddling, I got a blog index page, but it’s distorted for some reason. My site is at I’ll email the project file too, as you suggest.


I cannot send the Sparkle file because my email will not allow such a big attachment (about 250MB).

It appears to be

Looks like you renamed it to html. The file extension needs to be php.

Yes, changing to php does the trick. I don’t remember changing it, but I might have, as one of my attempts to get it working. Many thanks for all your assistance.