Adding PDFs to my site

I am a new user, still using the free trial but plan on purchasing soon if Sparkle works for me. I come to you from Sandvox and am slowly learning this app to replace Sandvox.

My big question now is HOW can I include PDFs in my site? I don’t want to embed them, but have them as a link where the user can click on them to view and search them on their computer. I have hundreds of these. I have included a screenshot to illustrate what I’m trying to do.

Thanks for any help for this Newbie!

Hi @kmac, welcome.

Sparkle’s “On click” action lets you pick “Download file”, which in the case of PDFs simply means viewing the PDF in the browser.

The “On click” action applies to many element types, as mentioned in the documentation:

I think Sandvox has a way to make that list automatically, Sparkle doesn’t have that.

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Thank you, Duncan. It’s always so easy when you know how, lol.