Adding subscriber reference to PayPal payment?

I am trying to set up a simple website to accept renewals to a magazine. I need to have the subscriber’s reference number and expiry issue but can’t find a way to do so. A normal PayPal button doesn’t allow a subscriber to insert information like that.

I do have a Client ID working on another site so have learned a bit about that.

As usual, any advice will be appreciated.



I would look into Ecwid if you are wanting a pseudo-like subscription for your magazine.

Ecwid collects all that information allowing you to offer renewals.
You can also use the likes of Gumroad and PayHip allowing for renewal offers…

Sparkle’s paypal button doesn’t currently allow attaching other information. For the time being it would probably be best to copy/paste the button code from paypal’s button generator, albeit with the limitations that has.

flaminFig and Duncan,

Thank you both for your replies.

I will look at Ecwid to see if it will do what I want.

Unfortunately I can’t just use the PayPal button Duncan. I have to have the reference number because I represent a US magazine in Europe and sometimes I don’t have details of subscribers who paid the US publisher direct. It’s their renewals which come to me. Along with the reference I also need the expiry date of their subscriptions.

Regards to all helpers here. So interesting and helpful.