Additional Visibility Button

It would be great to have an additional Visibility Radio Button to chose from:
Don’t show on pages in this section
That would make it easy to change only a few pages.

Would “exclude from publishing” do the trick? Alternatively, move the pages to another section?

Unfortunately “exclude from publishing” refers to the page and not a group on a page and does just that: NOT publish the page - but I want it published.
The idea is that instead of having to put 92 pages into a newly created section and one page into another newly created section, then tell the 92 pages section to show only in this section, just because you want to exclude one page in the other section is (to put it mildly) not ideal.

We do need more flexibility there, though switching something visibile in 93 pages to be visible in 92 (in a section) is one action in one page, not 92.

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