Adsense not showing up in my Sparkle Page

This is not really a Sparkle question but last night I added some Adsense code into one of my blog posts that receives the most hits from Google search. However, only a blank space is showing up. Is this normal? Am I missing something here? This is the page I’m referring to.

Any insights would be most appreciated!

All showing up OK here - It may have something to do with your browser security settings. If tracking isn’t enabled, some of these things simply won’t show up in the webpage. On other occasions, it may be that ad-sense doesn’t have anything of relevance to display in your page.

Oh gosh, thank you @francbrowne. But is that the Adsense in the middle of the page? I have an affiliate ad running at the top (the Santa one) which is not Adsense.

It seems you have a number of errors that are preventing google ads from displaying… It may be worth removing the code and starting from scratch with a piece of new code.

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Oh thank you so much@francbrowne! How odd though! I have just made a new ad so hopefully it will start working soon. Thank you again!