Advanced Form Submission

Hi there,
is there any documentation about this “advanced form submission”? if so, please give me a link.

There is no documentation, you need to write the code receiving the form, so not really a concern for most Sparkle users.

If it’s any help, the advanced form submission simply sends your form content to a custom script that you may have installed on your server. There are many reasons why you may want a custom script, for example, if you want your form data to be stored in a database, or perform some other function such as using the form data to populate an HTML response to the submitter, or to simply perform some additional spam filtering. For most users, the standard form submission in sparkle is more than adequate.

Hi francbrowne,
thanks for your reply, I was just looking how to solve the new paypal “smart buttons”. But anyhow, that was a wrong way for me. Thank you for your help :slight_smile: