Advanced Google Map blank box

Hi all,
Someone is using Advanced Google Map ? it doesn’t seem to work for me (blank box). Basic Map work like a charm.
I use Sparkle 3.1.3 and I have a Google Console account (+ billing references :roll_eyes: ) and a valid API key.
Am I forgetting something? :exploding_head:


I would blame Google. We have a company site that is not maintained by me and is not from Sparkle. The Google map is missing there as well.

Maybe something was changed in the licensing again.

Mr. F.

Thanks Mr_Fozzie,

The licensing, I don’t think so. But the Javascript method to invoke , it’s possible …

Ok, I found the issue : minor bug in Sparkle . I will try to explain :

If we indicate the coordinates Lat/long (expressly in decimal format) Sparkle does not insert it into the JS code as it should, but keep the text of the default place ( depends on the localization of Sparkle , « Paris, France » for me :zipper_mouth_face:).

While waiting for the correction, it’s possible to edit the JS file generated on server and use search/replace. Exemple : search : Roma, Italia / replace : 45.434144, 12.339048 (Piazza San Marco, Venezia) . There are two occurrences.

Bonne Chance :wink:

Not aware of this bug. Please send the relevant details to and we’ll look at it.

Hi duncan,

I’ve no more relevant détail that I reported because I didn’t spent too much time on this specific issue.

I resume:

  1. I use Basic Map i.e Maps Embed API. it’s ok with text address and Lat/long coordinates in DD°mm’ss

  2. When I choose Advanced Map i.e Javascript API, no result (blank box)

  3. In Google documentation I understood that API want coordinates in decimal. I replace in Sparkle U.I

  4. In JavaScript Console I can trace the error on the code generated by Sparkle :

mapOptions = {zoom: 12,center: new google.maps.LatLng(Paris, France) …

but in the Sparkle UI the field is filled in with -21.011543, 55.265096 for publication.

  1. I edited the JS file with Xcode and replace by

mapOptions = {zoom: 12,center: new google.maps.LatLng(-21.011543, 55.265096) …

It was ok for me, and I stoped investigations.

Please send the project file and we’ll take a look. We can’t really try recreating the problem, there are just too many variables. We would look at the page that breaks but you haven’t shared an URL. In general second guessing what needs to be done by looking at the code is the wrong way to go, the problem might be there. Entering coordinates generally just works.