Agency Website with Blog (German)
This was a really nice project for our own company website. I wanted to play, to not look like the usual frameworks, to take the visitors to a (very little) journey.

The animations were real fun to make and they look to us like inverse fireworks - imploding from nowhere into reality and onto the stage.

The blog is at the bottom behind a click on the button “ansehen”

We like it very much and hope you, too.


@abra100pro , Hi Alex

Simple and nice site, good design.
Is the site all done with Sparkle, cause (to me) it seems that you’re using something different
for the blog section (ARBEITEN, Ausgewiesene Kompetenz), am i right?

Thank you :smile:
I did it all in Sparkle - nothing else. Sparkle has this blog element that allows to build it all within. Somewhere in the docs (I don’t know exactly otherwise I would post it here) I found a good explanation on how to set it up.
If you have any questions, please contact me.

Best, Alex

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I Don’t write in Swiss German now!
Looks absolutely clean, I like the blog very much.



Thumbs up for the blog :+1:
Someone has thought and presented it clearly and concisely. And this someone has also used the tag “All”, as suggested by me before :grinning:

Mr. F.


Thanks, I’m a huge fan of “thought through” soultions.

Thank you for your feedback. :smile:

Looks beautiful on my desktop.