Alt text in Image Gallery?

Hi, just wondering if I am able to apply alt text to images inside an image gallery, and if so where can I find it?
side note: I love this app so much!
with appreciation,

Hi @kcapraro, yes, it’s the description:


Thanks Duncan. I am using the selected Image (Image description) feature as the caption for the image, but wondering if there’s a way to apply alt text to describe the images content (for accessibility/readers), if that makes sense.

with appreciation

@kcapraro, At this stage it is a no…
Normally placed images you can alt tag but not the images you place in the Image Gallery.

Thanks, I’ll just rely on the captions for now :relaxed:

The “image description” field goes into the alt attribute of the image. The label, edited in canvas, is the image caption.

Sorry @duncan, I wasn’t aware of that but it is fantastic to know! :)…

It wasn’t always the case, but we added it in 3.0 if I recall correctly.