Alternative to Filemaker Pro

This is not Sparkle related but there’s a ton of experts on this forum so I’m posting the question here…

A long-time service provider of talent is struggling with their outdated method of creating/updating their database of commercial talent:

They’re using Filemaker Pro; I know there’s better, more updated software out there that won’t break the bank as updates to FMP are in the thousands.

(I’ve already told them they don’t have an SSL certificate on the site.)

Do you guys have any viable alternatives to FMP? They are entirely Mac-based.

Thanks in advance.

I’m a former Filemaker Pro power user and also hosted Filemaker databases for clients. I switched my business and many clients to Ninox. Small database company based in Germany. Ninox runs on Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It syncs to all devices across iCloud. For large teams they offer cloud hosting. Pro level software without the Filemaker Pro price.

Thank you for the info about Ninox. I’ve never heard of it, but I will certainly look at it and test it. :+1:
I’ve been looking for a FileMaker Pro alternative in the past, and now seems a good time for a change.

Thanks, forwarded that on.

I come from Filemaker and making database applications with Ninox.
Ninox is very powerful and comes from Germany. I know the owner in person.
Happy to answer any questions in a private message.


Also have a look at Tap Forms, which has a community like Sparkle, and is very easy to learn.


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You have some misconceptions about FileMaker Pro. To begin with, it works on Windows as well as Mac and the files are totally compatible one to the other. Second, it does not break the bank. it is in the hundreds not thousands. And finally, it is the most flexible and easy to use database software out there. I am a longtime user and have loved it!