Alternative to scrolling

I’d appreciate a solution to bundle text. At the moment, I do this with scroll-boxes:
Hm… not really sexy and this is what customer gave me feedback. I would prefer something like this: (please klick on ‘Leistungen’)
Anything planned for the future or does anyone know a workaround to get this?

Thanks a lot in advance, c.

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Hi Carola,

you can achieve the same scrolling effect displayed in the Xanthippe site by capitalizing on Sparkles Animate on scroll widget. You can also use the GROUP Option widget to stack, overlap and push grouped section which makes for visually stimulation scrolling effect.

Good luck Ory

Thank’s a lot for your input @Oryzen . Sounds great, but unfortunately I failed.

This is what I’m looking for:
a. A little text box showing up the first 3 lines of a text. When clicking on the last word, the rest of the text folds out.
b. A picture turnes around ‘to its backside’ when clicking on it. Like the example here: ‘Leistungen’

Goal is: To prevent my visitors from having to scroll all the time.

If anyone has any idea how to do this, that’ll be great.

Thank you so much, c.

If you’re familiar with coding you could create these mouse over effects via the Special Embedded Content Widget capitalizing on Bootstrap and or HTML coding. There are a few website that offer Boot and HTML coding example you can copy and paste but you’ll still need to modify them to suit your vision.

Here’s a link that might help.

All be it a great WYSIWYG web builder Sparkle’s lack of widget and or 3rd party widget development limits what can and can not be done depending on your codding skills.

It might be a limitation in the short term, we think it is a huge advantage in the long term.

I disagree. As a 35 year veteran freelance graphic designer, I can state without a doubt that clients come to us all the time with examples of features they want and/or would like like to have on their website. Sparkle’s lack of widget development on many occasion has refrained jobs from moving in the direction of the clients vision, in some cases resulted in dissatisfied clients of which in this turbulent economic world loosing clients due to lack of tools isn’t the ideal situation. As a freelance graphic designer my aim is to satisfy my client to the utmost of my abilities, not hamper or limit his or her vision. Don’t get me wrong I do truly enjoy working with Sparkle, I’ll go has far as to say that Sparkle stands among the best WYSIWYG web builders available, I should know I tried quite a few. But the lack of Widget development does come in to play and limits the type of website jobs I can get. I’m quite sure many other designers feel the same way I do. Personally I don’t see how limited resource (widgets) is an advantage in the long term, care to explain Duncan?

I’m sorry you don’t agree with our choices. Might be confirmation bias but our choices have brought us where we are now, which is a pretty good place in my opinion. Can Sparkle improve? Sure it can. That’s what we are working on.

Wow! This is a hard job without being a programmer :sleepy:
I played around a bit, but the outcome does not look good. And I agree with you @Oryzen. Nowadays design is a lot. If visitors don’t like the website at a glance or if it is difficult to ‘work through’, they leave immediately.

Maybe anyone has an alternate to

Thank you all and have a nice evening, c.

I’m glad you and your team are in a good place, at this conjuncture in time not everyone can claim such ideals. As long as you don’t get to comfortable and let the competition take giant leaps forward with the bells and whistle client ask for and we as Sparkle end users can’t supply. Can Sparkle improve isn’t the question we should be asking, rather, can sparkle compete and keep up with the competition is the question you should be asking.

Best regards.

Yeah, some programming knowledge his quite beneficial when tinkering with code. Sorry I can’t be of more help at this point. And you’re quite right, If visitors don’t like the website at a glance or if it is difficult to ‘work through’, they leave immediately. Perhaps some day Sparkle will have the tools required to keep up with our clients and visitors demands.