Am I missing something or am I stuck at 960px wide?

I really need to move the sizes around a bit and I seem to have gotten lost somewhere in the roaming around of Sparkle world. If this isn’t a feature it sure would be slick. I am pretty sure this has been mentioned but pleeeeeeeeese. I got another one also…

There are five preset page widths in Sparkle. They are not customizable. However, they are more than adequate to cover the range of devices out in the wild, and the simplicity of working from five presets is welcome.

The five preset page widths are:

  • 1200 px (Wide desktop PC’s)
  • 960 px (Landscape tablets, & PC’s)
  • 768 px (Portrait tablets)
  • 480 px (Landscape phones)
  • 320 px (Portrait phones)

Automatically generated code will query the user’s device and deliver the correct page for the device width.

See this documentation page:

Thank you for the reply.

Maybe I am looking more for the ability to have my site extend to the full size of the browser window. I still get that 'bar" effect down the middle when I would prefer the site to scale up or down. Please god dont tell me this is just a button I have to push. I am coming from another product so I always look for the “hard way” first.

@bobsandifer, Sparkle is what you call a fixed width platform and so as @mOehlschlager mentioned the right breakpoint (aka “device”) will be sent to the device (mobile and tablet), or desktop you are using when viewing your website. So if I’m getting you right the end result (your published website) does not actively reflow to the screen dimensions as a fluid width layout would.

To make your website look wider you can play around with the “widebox” element which stretches to the width of the browser breaking up the column effect down the middle you talk about.

In my experience the device presets are more than adequate and working with fixed width is also far more accurate - I have total control over the layout instead of it being moved around on me to suit the browsing width of the screen being used.

Thank you for the reply