Amazon SFTP and Publishing

I have a site I’m trying to use the built-in “publish” to upload to Amazon AWS using SFTP. I’ve confirmed the same password and SFTP server using Filezilla and it connects fine via SFTP. I get an
error in sparkle using the same credentials with SFTP selected and the proper key.

Is Sparkle 3.0 SFTP implementation not compatible with Amazon SFTP?

I don’t know that there’s different SFTP implementations. Is the problem with the key or is it a connection issue?

It looks to be a connection issue. I get the “FTP server is not correct or blocked”. I’m using the same FTP
address and transfer key file I use in filezilla. I’ve also tried it in both Filezilla and cyberduck and they both connect fine with the same address and info.


Probably best if you get in touch.