An (over?) ambitious first attempt with Sparkle

I am posting my new site in its early stages.

The site is essentially a glorified gallery - a showcase of my work as a creator of perspective and other illusions using photography, 3D and Photoshop. It has two levels: my serious illusion work and a second mixed bag section devoted to just having fun with Photoshop.

I am curious to get some reactions at this point. Not just as to whether I have put Sparkle to good use or whether there are undetected glitches, but also whether you find the site interesting and/or entertaining per se. I am particularly interested in opinions from experienced Photoshoppers. If you are one do please let me know in your reactions.

I must emphasise that this is a work very much in progress. In it’s current incarnation it is formatted only for desktops and laptops with mouse or trackpad. Many of the images are very detailed and it is best viewed at 1200 x 800 or thereabouts. I have prioritised this, as my primary target is professional picture editors and publishers.

It will work on touch screen devices such as iPad in landscape mode, but some navigation will be clumsy until I have started specific touch screen formatting. I am well aware of this.

It is currently completely unsuitable for phones and smaller touch screens, particularly so in portrait mode. This is my next big challenge upon which I am currently working.

Aside from a very basic site created about fifteen years ago with iWeb, I have absolutely zero knowledge of web design. I am a complete newcomer to Sparkle and started creating this site with it last November.

Whilst it should not inhibit anyone from giving honest and forthright reactions, it may be worth mentioning that I am eighty years old. Learning new tricks isn’t always easy for old dogs and it is huge testament to Sparkle’s wonderfully simple and instinctive approach that I have, in a relatively short time, managed to achieve something that I would never have believed possible and something that I am not ashamed to throw open for experienced opinions and reactions. My thanks also go to Duncan for help and advice on one of the knottier problems.

As we say here in Belgium, “Bon appetit!”.


A good start @DavidMac! :clap:
You are a great testament to having a go! :slight_smile:

Well thank you. It’s proving to be very absorbing and interesting.