Anchor points seem have changed in latest version

Maybe it’s me but I use an anchor point to land at a specific place on a page - a little down the page under the header graphic

It seems to have changed on some of my older pages but a newer page appears to be ok and I’ve tried it on several browsers - I’m not sure on which Sparkle version this crept in.

A menu selection for one of these pages is OK as it doesn’t use the anchor point but when one of these pages is select via a graphic from the home page with the anchor point selected as the landing point I lose the correct position.

Is it just me?

Roger B

Sorry I’m really not sure I follow. Would you mind showing a couple examples of working or non-working anchors, and being specific about which of the examples was published by which version of Sparkle?

OK, I’ll try again
The graphic below shows that the ‘Photography’ page can be accessed either by the menu or by a graphic lower down the page

The menu selection will show the page correctly in a browser, the anchor in question is shown at 650px:

When the Photography page is selected by clicking the graphic which ‘on click’ should open the photographic page using the anchor for positioning. The result I get is shown below.

It should have shown (pictures have rotated):

Older pages created display this behaviour but not a later page using the same positioned anchor.
As I said I can’t be sure where or when this crept in unfortunately.

Hi @rogerb

Your anchors and landing points are exactly the same? I’ve never been able to accomplish this, but have to manually position my anchors some xx pixels above what I want displayed. I assumed I didn’t understand Sparkle’s Point 0 on a page and adjusted anchors accordingly (see image). (see Live anchor HERE.)

Your question and its possible solution, however, suggests a better explanation than my shoulder shrug ‘solution’ :man_shrugging: :smiley_cat:.

Question 1:
Looking closely, does the Red Highlighter in the image below show the misalignment? It looks to be similar as the height of your Blue Menu. Is the misalignment the height of the menu?

Question 2:
Is it possible that the group layers of the photo and menu cause different vertical scrolling positions?
If so, perhaps the link for the Menu scrolls ‘properly’ (to bottom of menu) while the link from photo scrolls higher (to Browser Point 0?) thereby covering text?

Could the scrolling–stick to top differences explain you different display points?

Thanks for the question/puzzle.

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OK, thanks very much for all your suggestions!
I’m going to take a much closer look at the anchor points/menu/header as this may be a combination of several things behind the issue. I have used layout blocks in several places as well but the misalignment may be the menu depth and my miscalculations!

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If this is about fixed headers then yeah, Sparkle doesn’t account for those. I’m not sure there’s a way to know what the height of the stick to top header will be in the general case, but for now you definitely need to eye-ball it and come up with a scroll location position that will work with your design.

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A tip to align items with a Scroll Location when you have an another item that is fixed to the top of the browser, or stops at the top of the browser when scrolling…

Hope this is helpful (or relevant to you)…


I wish Sparkle would display the values on which position on the canvas the bottum side of elements are.
Actually it shows only the upper side of elements and the height. So you have to calculate.
A value (e.g. in light grey) under the height value would be great.

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Thanks Chris,
Now that cheat sheet is a really good help, I wish I’d thought of it myself instead of using anchor points which helped to mislead me!

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