Anchor problem on iPhone and iPad

Hi There,
I created a newsletter with Mailchimp. There are always some anchors included. I’ve sent a test newsletter to my account, what I always do before it goes out to all the recipients. Everything works fine on my iMAC. When I click the anchor it jumps to the correct place. But not on iPhone and iPad. They jump to the correct site, but not to the correct place on that site.
There are my anchors listed:
Any idea?
Thanks, c.

@Carola, This sounds like a toughy! The links you placed in your newsletter have you included the anchor points code at the end of the URL like -

Yes, I did greenskin. And they work fine on the iMAC… not on iPhone and iPad…

@Carola, Just about to head off to bed, but are you able to send a link across (view newsletter in the browser) and I’ll see if I can pick anything up on this end, thanks…
Does this help?

Is this a meaningful example of what someone would receive via email? I don’t think so, all links are clear in that page. Mailchimp obfuscates link, because it goes through a redirection mechanism, so they can count clicks.

I tested that page on iOS and links work fine (for example the “Kreativität. Der etwas andere Workshop” text way down).

Perhaps it’s an iOS specific problem is with redirects to an URL with an anchor.

@Carola, Thanks… I have had a play and most of the anchor links are working for me. So I’m thinking it could be to do with the iOS you are running, or how Chimpmail is interpreting anchor tags.

The one thing I can suggest though is to give more vertical room between (at least 25mm and adjust actor point) your workshop blocs of content on mobile.

Thanks guys for your help. I assume how the problem is how Chimpmail is interpreting anchor tags. I tried the links on my website within iPhone and everything is working fine.
Happy, sunny & shiny day, c.